Totem Room Escape Challenge

Mind-boggling puzzles, technical challenges, thrilling adventures… It’s all waiting for you at the Totem Room!

Located just 10-15 minutes from Villa Simpatico, the Totem Room Escape Challenge is perfect for those looking to branch out and try something new. It’s the first and biggest reality room escape game in Indonesia, and has earned a reputation for fun rooms and extraordinary experiences.

Reality rooms are phenomenal physical games, wherein a team of people (a group of 2-6 is perfect) are locked into a themed room. They must use the available elements to find clues, solve a series of puzzles, and escape within the set time limit.


You can choose any of these four exciting rooms (or go back to try them all!):

Locked in Darkland: Considered the simplest challenge, this room sets you on a dreamy journey from one landscape to another. You have 50 minutes to squeeze, sneak, and spin your way to freedom.

Egyptian Secret: Suited for 2-4 people, this room dooms you to be buried forever in the Pharaoh’s ancient tombs, unless you keep your wits about you to escape. (Talk about authentic — they even put chains around your ankles when you begin!)

Kidnapped: This heart pounding challenge incorporates a sense of role-play, calling on your team to deliver ransom and collect a kidnapped girl. But trickery is afoot! You must now race against the clock to save yourselves from a ticking bomb.

Mission Impossible: With difficult puzzles, hidden clues, and high-tech gadgets, this is the most challenging choice at Totem. You and your team must hurry if you want to access the million dollar vault.


Totem Room Escape Challenge is ideal for anyone who enjoys problem-solving, is looking for a creative activity, or simply wants to spend an afternoon laughing with friends. The staff are helpful and friendly, and even visitors who find themselves unable to escape in time have raved about the experience.

If you’d like to give it a go, simply gather your team, choose your room, and contact Totem to make a reservation.

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