Double Six Beach

Just minutes away from Villa Simpatico is Double Six Beach, a beautiful white sandy beach on the west coast of Bali. Whether you’re looking for a place to relax or you want to pursue some fun activities, Double Six Beach is the place to go.

Stretching from the Double Six Club to the Jayakarta Hotel, Double Six Beach is considered to be one of the most peaceful beaches in Seminyak, particularly if you visit in the morning hours. Take a dip in the water, have a doze in a sun lounger, or spoil yourself with a Balinese massage. Coupled with the soothing sounds of water washing against the shore, this is the ultimate way to destress.

As the day goes on and more visitors arrive, you could treat yourself to a refreshing fruit cocktail or chilled beer — you could even simple a Bintang, Indonesia’s own best-selling beer brand.

If you’re eager for some more energetic experiences, you’ll have plenty of choices to satisfy you. You can rent a surfboard and take a lesson; the relatively gentle waves make Double Six Beach ideal for beginners. You could also hire a horse for an exhilarating ride across the sands. Jump in with any number of beach activities, such as swimming (the calm waters are ideal for wading children), snorkelling, volleyball, and football, or simply take a stroll across the beach and take in the stunning views. This is a great way to meet the friendly locals or fellow travellers.

Right along the beachfront you will find an assortment of restaurants, bars, clubs, spas and shopping centres, so you can easily while away the day (and night!) without ever needing to venture far from the shore. You’ll find many options for eateries, which each offer a laid-back atmosphere with views of the beach. The evening cocktails at Zanzibar Beach Front are exquisite, while the desserts at Cocoon Beach Club are not to be missed.

And of course, after spending a relaxing or lively day on Double Six Beach, be sure to take a moment to watch the spectacular Balinese sunset. It’s bound to be a memorable highlight of your trip.